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Saint-Gobain Ecophon


A sound effect on people     

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      A leading, global supplier of sound absorbing ceilings and wall absorber systems. An innovative approach combined with long experience.

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      Ecophon is part of Saint-Gobain Group:

      Saint-Gobain, the world leader in the habitat and construction markets, designs, manufactures and distributes building materials, providing innovative solutions to meet growing demand in emerging economies, for energy efficiency and for environmental protection.

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      Towards a better environment:

      Environmental policy

      Ecophon's environmental philosophy and intentions are clearly stated in their environmental policy.


Ecophon recognises its responsibilities to manage the nature and scale of the environmental impacts of its activities, products and services. Their overall sustainability goals describe how they will act to minimise their effects on humans and the environment.

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    They are actively committed to:

    1. manufacture and market sustainable products contributing to a healthy working environment;

    2. decrease waste, use of energy and CO2 emissions;

    3. always select components with low environmental impact; and

    4. increase their part of renewable and recycled content in their products.

  • Our mission

    Our-mission (© Ecophon)
    Our mission is to contribute to a good working environment for the eye, the ear and the mind.

    We do this by supplying sound absorbing ceiling and wall absorber systems with well devised functions, attractive design and excellent sound absorption.

    Our business is to create a good sound environment in all workplaces such as offices, educational and health care premises, sensitive high tech industries and also in public areas.

    A good working environment does much to promote people’s well-being and performance. Many factors work together here – the sound environment being one of them.


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