Swedish Group CSR

Since its inception, Swedish Group is committed to improving and contributing to the design and construction community in Egypt. Through regularly organized lectures and presentations, Swedish Group has adhered to its commitment, and continues to expand its outreach and educational initiatives and efforts in its field.

Design Sessions

Swedish Group offers sessions titled “Exercise your out-of-the-box thinking” during which we discuss our company’s design concept that focuses on incorporating key principals of Swedish design philosophy which aims to support productivity and wellness; as well as how we can be a reliable source for a complete range of optimum solutions that would help architectural engineers, interior designers and contractors during their planning and building phase of a project or in improving the overall design of current workspaces.

Academic Approach

Swedish Group is also committed to contributing to students and academics in the field of interior architecture. An educational support program was designed with the title “Internal Environment Value”. The purpose of the program is to create awareness of the importance of creating ideal environments in buildings by offering free lectures and workshops, a number of which have already been held at Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Helwan University and Zagazig University.

Cairo University - Architectural Engineering Department
Building interiors influence people’s behavior, hence, Ideal interiors are a key attribute to human comfort and well-being
Ain Shams University - Architectural Engineering Department
Raising awareness on the importance of Internal Environment Value of building interiors