welcome to swedish group

We are a company based in Cairo, Egypt that is uniquely specialized in providing architecture and interior solutions that can substantially improve the indoor environments and interior spaces of public use buildings.


Swedish Group understands the specific needs of your interior space inside and out, offering sustainable material solutions that combine state of the art technology with a wide range of inspiring designs to keep your workplace continuously in optimum operating condition and on trend today and in the future.

Our work seeks to provide individualized solutions for diverse multi-purpose buildings ranging from hospitals to schools, corporate offices, retail and industrial spaces.We work closely with our clients to consider the specific needs of each project from the start, and identify the right interior finishing materials that will provide the best solutions that best fits these needs to suit the intended purpose of the space in which they would be used today and in the future.

Find Optimum Solutions

What does this all mean?

With every project we work on, we consider how our design and architecture solutions contribute to human well-being because we believe that well-designed environments yield better working spaces,that more efficient hospitals improve healthcare workforce performance & health outcomes, and well-designed classrooms with good acoustical performance can help students focus on learning. 

Today, material solution technology allows us to build spaces that take into account the specific needs of its respective environment and the people who will encounter these spaces. We create flooring systems with floor coverings that have been designed to provide flooring solutions for heavily-used buildings, that can cope with thousands of footsteps, castor chairs, trolleys or hard stains every day. We also work with sound absorption systems that accommodate the acoustic demands of a space, and support auditory strength and speech clarity to achieve the desired acoustic comfort level required in a space to ensure a quiet and peaceful working environment for all users in various workplaces.

Our innovative and sustainable interior finishing materials are functional in various ways.  They maintain a lasting appearance and perform for a long period of time, save on cost of maintenance and upkeep, support interior design ideas by helping designers to bring an envisioned design to life. 


Where are these materials sourced from?

We choose to solely use and work with innovative and sustainable material solutions in the global market today that satisfy the demands of heavily-used buildings.

We are the sole agent of the following leading manufacturers; Ecophon; Forbo Flooring, Pergo; CBI Europe; and Avalon in Egypt.


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