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Swedish Group


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company profile

The Swedish Group was established back in 2005 as the solely assigned Commercial Representative Office for Swedish and Western European manufacturers of interior finishing materials (France, Switzerland, the Netherland, UK, Belgium, Italy, & Germany), each of which are counted the leading in their specialty, and in terms of their related technical specifications of their respective products.

We are therefore, responsible for their presence within the Egyptian market.

We are proudly representing the following entities:

  • Saint-Gobain ECOPHON AB, acoustical ceiling tiles and wall panels.
  • PERGO (Europe) AB, laminated HDF flooring system.
  • FORBO Flooring systems, heterogeneous vinyl, Linoleum and Carpets.
  • CBI (Europe) S.p.a., raised access floors, demountable partitions and metal ceilings.
  • UNIVERSAL Flooring, Engineering Wood Flooring.
  • AVALON Grass for Artificial Grass.

How we work


and in hand with our clients, we shall aim together toward improving the quality of internal finishing materials for their buildings and various real estate projects, through implementing the elite flooring and ceiling systems. Our work is based on the essential motive and dedication for choosing the best quality, which conforms to the international standards and norms globally. We provide our clients with very long warranties that can be up to 50 years, and immediate delivery and installation, and very flexible and affordable payment solutions. We shall ensure always what you can call your desired OPTIMUM SOLUTION.

What we achieve


ur mission is our continuous aspiration to raise the Interior Buildings Material Systems within the Egyptian Construction Industry to a higher level, similarly in many Arab Countries, which is compatible with the latest trends of technology implemented worldwide in such fields.

We are therefore offering the best to our esteemed clients; we shall provide the OPTIMUM SOLUTIONS to your projects.