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Avalon grass for artificial grass


The company with real passion for artificial grass  

Avalon Grass | Artificial Grass

The company with real passion for artificial grass

Avalon is a Dutch company, and with more than 15 years’ experience with artificial grass.

Avalon, produces its own artificial grass and stocks over 30 products. Specific sport surfaces can be produced as needed. They pride themselves on service and best price/quality ratio. These principles are the cornerstone of the company.

The use and purposes of artificial grass are endless. From parks to sports grounds, from lawns to roundabouts, from balconies to playgrounds. As a business to business supplier, Avalon draws on 15 years of expertise, creativity, dependable service, and passion in delivering an optimal product to meet your personal wishes. Based on the look and feel principle, Avalon creates lawns, landscaping products and sporting ground surfaces designed for perfect performance. Avalon is today the all-round supplier of artificial grass for Leisure, Lawns & Landscape, tennis, and golf.

Avalon, support customers with a personalized service and innovative solutions. Avalon guarantee consistent, excellent product quality by cooperating with dependable raw material suppliers only. Avalon flexible and creative makers of artificial grass and it can think out of the box. Avalon supply long-life artificial grass solutions for every situation.

Benefits of artificial grass

Artificial grass vs. Natural grass

Lawns & Landscapes
  • Maintenance friendly; mowing and edge cutting are in the past
  • No seasonal color changes
  • resists intensive use
  • Excellent resilience properties
  • No watering and fertilizing required
  • No weed / moss growth
  • Does not stimulate allergies
  • Always good drainage, no muddy patches
  • Easy to clean
  • Child and animal friendly
Sport applications:
  • Higher playing intensity per field
  • Available four seasons
  • Improves players technical skills
  • Same playing field conditions for home / away matches
  • Maintenance friendly


The Avalon is using only high performance quality yarns in a variety of shapes for its artificial grass products, which results in a 7-year warranty for all the Avalon products, while the warranties offered are only based on products performance.


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