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Avalon Products

Avalon markets the following product group brands:

Lawns & Landscape:


Artificial grass with a natural look & feel for gardens, parks, roadsides and roundabouts
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    The possibilities of Avalon artificial grass are simply endless. All high-grade products of Avalon are created on the basis of the look & feel principle. Most products in the range are non-infill products manufactured of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyamide yarns. The artificial grass products in our lawns & landscape range come with a seven year warranty.


Long-life artificial grass for intensive use


Playgrounds and other locations used intensively require an artificial grass construction that is both robust and safe for people and animals. Avalon offers a large range of artificial grasses, designed especially for demanding conditions, with an impact-softening underlayer to guarantee many years of playground fun and safety.



The products in the Wrap & Go range can be cut to any size up from 500m2 per item. The items are provided with protective plastic covers and packed in a cardboard display. To ensure an always perfect end result, Avalon uses state-of-the-art cutting and packing equipment.

Because Avalon’s Wrap & Go products are stocked all year round, we can deliver orders up to around 10,000m2 within three weeks or less.


Sport applications:



Artificial grass for football, tennis, and golf.

Each of the white-label artificial grass products in this collection has been selected for optimal performance and price/quality proposition.

Only the best raw materials from Europe are used to create artificial grass products that meet today’s high standards in sports.

Avalon has developed a special marketing tool for golf, tennis and football: “The Sports Collection”. The presentation folder contains samples as well as detailed product information without any references to the Avalon brand.



The Victory football collection comprises the following products:

  • Hattrick

    Monofilament PE 12.000/6 dTex

  • Copa

    Monofilament PE 10.000/2 dTex

  • San Siro

    Fibrilated PE 8.800/1 straight & Monofilament PE 8.000/4 Curled

The products are available without restrictions on pile height, density and volume.

Hattrick, Copa, and San Siro form part of the “The Sports Collection”.



Avalon’s range of artificial tennis court grass includes two top products: Setpoint and Ace. Both products are available from stock as a tennis court kit, with the important playing field lines already tufted in at the right places for easy installation.

Both products have been tested in conformity with the so-called “ITF Court Pace Classification Programme” and have received the following classifications:

Ace av-016
Setpoint av-017

Setpoint and Ace form part of “The Sports Collection”.

Golf :


Artificial grass for golf is fast growing in popularity among private players and clubs alike. For the putting green Avalon offers two perfect Nylon products. We also supply Tee grass.

Birdie, Eagle and Tee Grass form part of the “The Sports Collection”.