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Pergo Projects list

  • Offices for different Companies, within the Nile City Tower, Cairo.
  • Luxor Museum - Multi Purpose Hall/Theater.
  • Duty Free Shops, Arrival Terminal No.1, Cairo International Airport.
  • Ministry of Awqaf Premises, in Al Darasa District, Cairo.
  • National Security Council’ administrative premises.
  • Al Naeem administrative building, in Smart Village.
  • Command and Staff College, in Khalifa Al Mamoun District.
  • Egyptian Postage Museum, Smart Village.
  • Culture Palace – Banha.
  • "Sporting" Sports Club, Alexandria.
  • Bio Pharma Factory, 6th October City – Cairo.
  • Military Production's Sport Stadium in Bilbeis Road.
  • Telecom Egypt Building - Ramses Street, Cairo.
  • General Authority for Investment.
  • Ministry of Awqaf building.
  • Ministry of Finance Towers, Cairo.
  • Railway' Training Institute.
  • Liver Researches Hospital and Institute in Sherbin.
  • Sinai University, Aresh City.
  • Vodafone Building, in Smart Village.
  • Vodafone in City Starts Mall.
  • Vodafone in Zamalek District, Cairo.
  • Future Library – Heliopolis District – Cairo.
  • Amer Group, Administrative premises, Cairo.
  • Faculties of Commerce and Medicine, Alexandria University.
  • Environmental Museum, Al-Salam Park - Sharm El-Shiekh.

Development works for Banque Misr Headquarter and the following branches:

  • The Headquarter Building within the Bank Tower, in Mohammad Fareed Street, Cairo.
  • Ever Green Tower Branch.
  • The Pyramids area Branch.
  • El-Hejaz Square Branch.
  • El Dwawein District Branch, Cairo.
  • Al Amiriyah District Branch, Alexandria.
  • Faisal Street Branch, Cairo.
  • Shobra District Branch, Cairo.
  • Al Zamalek District Branch, Cairo.
  • Shebeen El-Koum City, Branch.
  • Eytai Al Baraouh City Branch.
  • Al Darasa District Branch, Cairo.
  • Port Said City Branch.
  • Al Doqy Street Branch, Cairo.
  • El Alqalha District Branch, Cairo.
  • Al Sayedah Aisha District Branch, Cairo.
  • Heliopolis District Branch, Cairo.
  • Souhaj City, Branch.
  • Qasr Al Neil Street Branch, Cairo.
  • Smart Village Branch, Cairo.
  • El Mousky District Branch, Cairo.
  • Hurgada City, Branch.
  • Police Officers Club Branch, Cairo.
  • Cairo Plaza Branch, Cairo.
  • Roud Al Faraj Brench.
  • High Court Branch, Downtown.
  • Giza District Branch.
  • Sphinx Branch, in El-Mohandessen District.
  • Mustafa Kamel Street Branch, Cairo.
  • Cairo International Airport Branch.
  • New Cairo District Branch.
  • Suez City, Branch.
  • Nasr City District Branch, Cairo.
  • El Mohandesseen Tower Branch, Cairo.
  • Menya Al Qamh City Branch.
  • Al Darasa District Branch El Mahala City.
  • El Mahalah City Branch.
  • Roshdy District Branch, Alexandria.
  • Al Maadi District Branch, Cairo.
  • Adley Street Branch, Cairo.
  • Abas Al Aqad Street Branch, Cairo.
  • Sheppard Hotel Branch, Cairo.
  • Salah Salem Street Branch, Cairo.
  • Al Ismailia City, Branch.
  • Damietta City Branch.
  • Damanhur City, Branch.
  • Al Ain Al Sukhna City, Branch.
  • Roshdi Tower Branch, Level 16, Cairo.
  • Port Fouad Branch.
  • Ras Al Bar Branch.

CIB Bank:

  • The Management Floor (5th. Floor), in Nile Tower, in Giza District.
  • Alexandria City, Branch.
  • Al Giza Square Branch, Cairo.

International Arab African Bank branches "Complete development works for the new branches":

  • Al-Haram Street Branch, Cairo.
  • The branch in Banks Area within 6th. Of October City, Cairo.
  • Al Mansoura city, Branch.
  • Al Maadi District Branch, Cairo.
  • Grand Al Mahala City, Branch.
  • Alexandria city Branch.
  • El Merghani Branch, Cairo.
  • National Researches Center Branch, Cairo.
  • Dokki District Branch, Cairo.
  • Sharm El-Sheikh city, Branch.
  • Sheraton's Housing District Branch, Cairo.
  • Port Said city, Branch.
  • Four Seasons Hotel Branch.

Perious Egypt Bank:

  • Souhag city, Branch.
  • Suez city, Branch.
  • El-Saida Zeinab District Branch, Cairo.
  • Damanhur city, Branch.
  • Zamalek District Branch, Cairo.
  • 6th Of October City Branch, Cairo.

Housing Construction Bank:

  • Zamalek District Branch, Cairo.
  • El- Manyal City Branch.
  • El- Mohandesseen District Branch, Cairo.
  • El Zagazig City Branch.
  • The General wholesale Market's Branch, 6th Of October City, Cairo.
  • Gilliam District; Alexandria.
  • Al-Haram District Branch, Cairo.
  • El Maadi District Branch, Cairo.
  • Head Office – chrome.

Barclays Bank:

  • Bank's Headquarter Building.
  • Al Haram Street Branch, Cairo.


  • Garden City District, Cairo.

Mashreq Bank:

  • Dokki Street Branch, Cairo.
  • Fifth Avenue Branch, Cairo.

Bank of Alexandria:

  • Zamalek District Branch, Cairo.
  • Luxor City, Branch.
  • Nasr City District's Club Branch, Cairo.
  • Sheikh Zayed District Branch, Cairo.
  • Roxy District Branch, Cairo.
  • Kirosez Branch.
  • Abbaseia District Branch, Cairo.
  • Giza District Branch, Cairo.
  • Al-Haram District Branch, Cairo.
  • El Maadi District, Branch, Cairo.
  • Hadaek El-Koba District Branch, Cairo.
  • Shobra District Branch, Cairo.

Arab Monetary Establishment Bank:

  • Sharm El-Sheikh City Branch.
  • Damietta City Branch.
  • Al Mansoura City Branch.
  • Dokki Street Branch, Cairo.
  • Fifth Avenue District Branch.
  • Aswan City Branch.
  • 6th of October City Branch, Cairo.
  • Shubra District Branch, Cairo.
  • Tanta City Branch.

Faisal Islamic Bank:

  • Banha City Branch.
  • El Obur District Branch, Cairo.

NBD Bank:

  • Omar Makram Building – (First Phase).

Export & Development Bank of Egypt:

  • Bin El Arhab, Giza District, Cairo.
  • Heliopolis District Branch, Cairo.
  • Damietta City Branch.
  • Al Mansoura City Branch.
  • Smouha District Branch, Alexandria.
  • Mohi El Din Abu El Ezz Street Branch, Cairo.
  • Tenth of Ramadan City Branch, Cairo.
  • Musadk Street Branch, Cairo.
  • Headquarter Branch, Giza.
  • Faisal Street Branch, Cairo.
  • Saint Fatima District Branch, Cairo.
  • 6th of October City Branch, Cairo.
  • Alexandria City Branch.
  • Giza District Branch, Cairo.
  • Salasel Tower Branch, Alexandria.
  • Burj Al Arab, Alexandria.
  • Madenti Branch, Cairo.

Al Baraka Bank (Egyptian Saudi Finance Previously):

  • Smouha District Branch, Alexandria.
  • Mohi-Din Abu El Ezz Street Branch, Cairo.
  • Sharm El Sheikh City Branch.
  • Azarita District Branch, Alexandria.
  • Rod Al Farag District Branch, Cairo.

Egyptian Gulf Bank:

  • Garden City District Branch, Cairo.
  • Heliopolis District Branch.
  • Heliopolis Club Branch, Cairo.
  • Al Mansoura City Branch.
  • Giza District Branch, Cairo.
  • El Haram District Branch, Cairo.
  • Caliph Al-Ma'mun Branch, Cairo.
  • Port Said City Branch.

Banque du Cairo:

  • Extraneous, Alexandria Branch.
  • El Manyal District Branch, Cairo.
  • Training Center for Banque Du Cairo, Nasir City District, Cairo.
  • Makram Ebeid Street Branch, Cairo.
  • Aswan City Branch, Aswan.

National Bank of Egypt:

  • University Tower Branch.
  • El Roda District Branch.

Sudanese Egyptian Bank:

  • Sudan Branch.

Nasser Social Bank:

  • Head office.

NSGB Bank:

  • Gilliam Branch, Alexandria.
  • Miami Branch, Alexandria.
  • Ever Green Branch.
  • El Mahkama Branch.
  • Sheikh Zayed District Branch, Cairo.
  • El Fagala District Branch, Cairo.
  • El Kamel Mohamed Branch, Cairo.
  • El-Haram District Branch, Cairo.
  • Damietta City, Branch.
  • Shihab Street Branch, Cairo.
  • Muharram Bek Branch, Alexandria.
  • Port Said City Branch.
  • Roxy Branch, Cairo.
  • The Opera Branch, Cairo.

Arab International Bank:

  • Giza Branch, Cairo.

Egyptian Tax Offices Renovation Project:

  • Kasr El Neil & Abdeen Offices, Cairo.
  • Marsa Matrouh Office, Marsa Matrouh City.
  • 6th of October City office, 6th of October City, Cairo.
  • Semouha Office, Alexandria.
  • Port Said Office, Port Said City.

Other projects

  • The Office for the Minister of Military Production.
  • Extension for the Buildings of the Military Factory 18.
  • The floor of Al Naeem Stock Exchange Company.
  • Watheqa Stocks Exchange Company.
  • Akhbar Al Youm Newspaper.
  • Tadwall Stock Exhange Company.
  • Ros Al Youssef Press House Grand. Conference/Ballroom .
  • Adidas, Timberland, and Levis Branches, Countrywide.
  • International Center for Real Estate Development.
  • British Council in Heliopolis District, Cairo.
  • The offices for Dora Group Company's Headquarter.
  • The Regional Center for Information Technology in Zamalek District – Presidency of the Council of Ministers.
  • Dutch School in New Cairo District, Cairo.
  • Oussol Stocks Exchange Company.
  • Internal facilities within Akhbar Al Youm Newspaper building.
  • El Tawfekia Stock Exchange Company.
  • The Premises for Egyptian-Swiss in El Maadi District, Cairo.
  • Mubarak Public Library – El Zaqazeq City.
  • Economic Court in 10th of Ramadan City, Cairo.
  • Al Swedi Cables.
  • British Council in Al Ajouza District, Cairo.
  • Offices within the Building' of Kenya Embassy.
  • Saudi Al Deiar Offices.
  • The branches for Egypt Telecom Company.
  • The building of Cairo Poultry Company.
  • United Nations.
  • Administrative Premises for Eshnider Electric Company, in Al Tagamou Al Khamis.
  • Al Ahram Beverages Company (Birell Factory in Al Obour City).
  • Flower Power branches, Cairo & Giza.
  • AROUPE Life Insurance.
  • Diwan Book Stores.
  • Raya, Zamalek District, Cairo.
  • British American Tobacco, Katamiya District, Cairo.
  • Coffeshop Company.
  • National Eye Hospital.
  • Railway Museum.

The branches for Damak Real Estate:

  • Hurghada City Branch.
  • Cairo/Alex High way's tent Branch.
  • Sharm El Shiek City Branch.

Different projects for Hotels, Resorts,International & Local Chains, and floating hotels:

  • The Restaurants for Hilton Ramsis Hotel.
  • Al Nabeila Sahl Hashish in Hurghada City.
  • Atlas Al Zamaleik Hotel.
  • Hotel Citadeil Azour in Hurghada City.
  • Floating Hotels for Lilac Company, one of the companies related to Elegant Voyage Group of Companies.
  • Floating Hotel "Premium" for Quest Tourist Company.
  • Corner Restaurant in Sharm Al Sheikh City.
  • Vantazia Beach Resort in Hurghada City.
  • Coral Sea Hotel, Sharm Al Sheikh City.
  • Bascotche Café in City Stars Mall & Carrefour, Cairo.
  • Safir Eytah Hotel in Al Dokki District, Cairo.
  • Moveinpik Hotel in Aswan City.
  • Hilton Al Nour Resort in Hurghada City.
  • Floating Hotels for Grand Tours Company "MiroTel.".
  • Floating Hotel "Omar Al Khaiyam" for Travco Tourist Company.
  • Little Buddha Bar in Hurghada City.
  • Café Biones – El Maadi District, Cairo.
  • Hilnan Sheppard Hotel – Sport Gym.
  • Administrative Offices in Grand Hyatt Hotel.
  • Administrative Offices in Rasheed Navigation Company.

Abaza Company Office Premises within:

  • Fifth Avenue District, Cairo.
  • Al Abour District, Cairo.
  • Hurghada City.
  • Cairo/Alexandria Highway.

This is in addition to tens of thousands of M2 of flooring been implemented at the residential projects, such as Palaces, Villa Compounds, Houses, small shops, showrooms, and demountable flooring for Vehicles, and Show areas in fairs all over the country. Below is a list of such projects:

  • BMW Cruising Show.
  • Toyota Egypt, Shebeen El Koum City Branch.
  • Dalydress branches' showrooms.
  • Nissan Cruising Show.
  • MM Showroom, El Zamalek District, Cairo.

A number of countable Mansions and Villas within the following new Residential complexes:

  • Shourouk City, Cairo.
  • Obour City, Cairo.
  • Northern Coast.
  • 6th of October City, Cairo.
  • New Cairo Compounds (The First Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Kattamyah Heights, Mirage City, and Lake View).
  • Cairo/Alexandria highway complexes (City View, Sulaymaniah, Sulaymaniah Golf, Beverly Hills, Verdy, and other complexes.