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15 years of diverse design perspectives. The Swedish Group is a leading engineering and interior design organization that is uniquely specialized in providing architectural and interior solutions that can substantially improve indoor environments and interior spaces, aim towards enhancing the quality of internal finishing materials in public-use buildings in Egypt. We are the commercial representatives for Swedish and Western European manufacturers; French, Belgian, Dutch, English, Swiss, Italian, Latvian and German producers. Each company we represent has been strategically selected owing to the reputation of their products, standards and technical specifications. ... Offering the ideal flooring and ceiling system technologies that meet each building's unique demands satisfying the requirements of each project accordingly. Our entity understands every need customized for each interior space, offering sustainable material solutions that combine state of the art technology with a wide range of inspiring designs to keep your workplace continuously in optimum operating condition and on trend today and in the future. We believe that investing in internal finishing materials is an essential role in creating an ideal internal environment used by many. Today, material solution technology allows us to build spaces that take into account the specific needs of its respective environment and the people who will encounter these spaces. Our work seeks to provide individualized solutions for diverse multi-purpose buildings ranging from hospitals to schools, corporate offices, retail and industrial spaces. We work closely with our clients to consider the specific needs of each project from the very beginning, while identifying the right interior finishing materials that will provide the ideal solutions that best fits these needs to suit the intended purpose of the space in which they would be used today and in the future.